Tungsten Carbide Drag Bit

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Tungsten carbide drag bits are a type of drill bit used in the drilling industry to cut through soft to medium-hard formations such as clays and mudstones.

Stepped drag bits are designed with a series of steps or ledges on the bit's body, which helps to increase the bit's stability and prevent it from deviating off course while drilling. These bits are often used in softer formations such as clays and shales.They are available in a full range of sizes from 3-7/8” to 12-1/4”.The design of stepped drag bit with a large center flushing hole is  for efficient removal of cuttings.

Chevron drag bits have a V-shaped cutting profile, with each side of the V featuring tungsten carbide inserts. The V-shape helps to provide improved cutting efficiency and reduce the amount of torque required to drill through the formation. Chevron drag bits are commonly used in the oil and gas industry for drilling directional and horizontal wells. They can also be used in geothermal drilling, mining, and water well drilling applications.