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PDC bits are short forms of polycrystalline diamond compact bits. Such drill tools are made up of a steel body with a series of PDC cutters attached to the surface.  The cutters are made of tiny diamond particles that are bonded together under high pressure and high temperature to form a hard, durable material. The cutters are typically arranged in a specific pattern on the surface of the bit to provide optimal cutting action and efficiency.


The cutting action of the PDC bit is achieved through a combination of shear and crushing forces. The cutters scrape along the bottom of the wellbore, grinding away the rock to create a hole. As the bit rotates, the PDC cutters penetrate the rock, and the weight of the drill string pushes the bit into the formation, generating a crushing force that breaks up the rock.


Our PDC bits design features as following:


Cutter shape and size: flat or dome PDC cutters. Sizes have 1304, 1308, 1313, 1613 etc.


Cutter arrangement: various arrangement on 3-blade, 5-blade, 6-blade, and the protection caliber. Each cutter has its different side angle.


Bit profile: long parabolic and short parabolic design.


Hydraulic design: big center flush hole, allowed more water flush through it,  water well drilling contractors and companies buy a lot of such tools, tolerable and cheaper cost. 


PDC bits have several advantages:

1, longer lifespan

2, faster penetration rates

3, higher drilling efficiency and lower drilling costs


PDC bits applications:

could be used in medium hard to hard formations like Shale,Limestone,Sandstone etc. Specific :

1, mining operations to drill blast holes and exploration holes.

2, geothermal drilling to drill wells for geothermal energy production.

3, construction applications for drilling foundations, tunnels, and other infrastructure projects.

4, water well drilling to drill wells for domestic and industrial water 

The Small PDC bits we supply: 80mm, 95mm,98mm, 114mm,120mm,127mm,130mm,135mm,142mm,149mm, 152mm etcthe thread we could do the API reg pin or IF pin or BR50 box,  and the custom specification too.